European Parliament in Italy

You might not know it, but the European Union thinks a lot about young people: since we started working with the European Parliament in Italy we realised how many privileges we have living here. Here are the projects we have done with the Parliament and the European Commission.
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Fase UE
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OltrApe EU
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Eurovision Song Contest 2022

FASE UE - Against the pandemic Europe is there

"FASE UE - Against the pandemic Europe is there" is the Radioimmaginaria programme produced in collaboration with the European Parliament in Italy to tell what Europe has done and what it will be like after the pandemic. 2020 was a year we will never forget and in the days when we recorded these episodes our heads were full of thoughts.

Will online classes be the future? How will people travel in the coming years? What about experiences around Europe? Will we finally stop polluting in the EU? What more can we do for our planet?These are just some of the impossible questions we asked ourselves in this programme... Check it out!

Oltrape EU

After travelling around the Emilia-Romagna region all summer with OltrApe 2021, between 25 and 30 October 2021 the Ape started its engines again, ready for a brand new adventure: OltrApe EU, the journey created by Radoimmaginaria in collaboration with the European Parliament and the European Commission, to try to understand how teenagers of our age imagine the future of the European Union.

In 4 stages between Liguria and Emilia-Romagna, we met more than 800 middle and high school students and discussed with them some of the issues dearest to the EU: environment, civil rights, migration, school and Erasmus+. At the end of each day we collected in a document all the ideas that came out, and uploaded them on the platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe. The time has come to have our say! Here is what the young people told us.

European Parliament and European Commission at Eurovision Song Contest 2022

From 9 to 14 May Radioimmaginaria we were at Eurovision Song Contest 2022! Live every day from the Museo dell'Economia and the Parco del Valentino with lots of programmes designed to tell the Festival from our point of view. Also coming to Turin with us were some musicians from the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, an orchestra made up only of Ukrainian girls and boys aged 14 to 22, who performed for the first time after weeks off on 9 and 10 May. Their aim has always been to spread culture through music. The war stopped them but Eurovision was the perfect opportunity to do so again. You can find all the episodes, news and interviews here!