Rocking and Communicating

Europe is young!
Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2020-10-06 in Events
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Ehy guys! Sorry to bother you on this fine October morning, but we have an announcement to make!

For the second time, we will be participating at the European Week of Regions and Cities. It's an annual event that is aimed to show the capacity of cities and regions to create growth and jobs. This year it will all be in virtual, obviously due to Covid-19.
But do not despair, today we will participate in an event of the Week of Regions and Cities called "ROCKING & COMMUNICATING - EUROPE IS YOUNG!" between 14:30 and 16:00. Unfortunately, one had to be registered to be able to assist but I'm sure we will be able to find it and rewatching once it's over!

The event will divided in two parts for two different projects: Young Journalists for Europe (YJE) and European Social Sound 4U (ESS4U). The first one is aimed to introduce young people like us to the world of radio and TV journalism, while the second one is a music contest and it was literally a battle of the bands.

We will have a brief moment in both parts of the event and we are so excited! Stay tuned!
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rocking and communicating