European Week of Regions and Cities

7-10 October
Published by Ludovica Luvi F. on 2019-10-08 in Events
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10th of October

Hey everyone! We successfuly came back home from our trip in Bruxelles for the European Week of Regions and Cities.
The episode we recorded during the event has been published, here it is!
You can listen to all of our impressions and opinions about what we attended to as well as some pieces of the guests' speeches.
Tell us your opinion! Was it useful for you? Did you learn things you didn't know about?

See you nex time!
8th of October

We know that we shouldn't take planes because they have a huge climate impact, but this is for an important cause. Yes, because we just landed in Brussels and we are now on a train headed to the Central Station.

We are here to participate to the European Week of Regions and Cities, an annual event that is aimed to show the capacity of cities and regions to create growth and jobs. Since this didn't mean a lot to us, we just decided to show up here to understand better what this is about.
Tomorrow, the 9th of October, at 14.30, we will be a part of one of the events that take place during the Week, and its title is "A cohesive, smart, green and social EU? Focus on young people!"

We will be listening to experts and making questions about three different topics: the future of jobs, engagement with young people, bringing the outside in. If you want to know more about this topics and what do they have to do with us teens, stay tuned! We will post an episode in a short time!
See ya!
european week of regions and cities