Radioimmaginaria at Eurovision Song Contest 2023

From May 6th to May 13th 2023, a team of 7 Radioimmaginaria speakers traveled to Liverpool, England, to tell Eurovision Song Contest 2023 from the heart of the Festival. Our mission was to be able to meet at least one teenager from each of the 37 competing countries and have them tell us about Eurovision Song Contest 2023 from their point of view. Will we have succeeded?
If you missed anything you can catch up with all the interviews and content we did below!

ESC 2022

From May 9th to May 14th, we went to Eurovision for the first time with some musicians from the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, an orchestra made of girls and boys from 12 to 22 years old.

RTL 102.5

In addition to our podcasts, we also went live every day throughout ESC2023 with some daily links on RTL 102.5 and RTL 102.5 News

Artists' cards

At Eurovision Song Contest 2023 we launched a collection of virtual cards dedicated to ESC. The deck consists of 37 cards, one for each competing singer. Are you ready to discover your lead artist?

Our podcasts

Every day from May 8 to May 13, we went live on the Radioimmaginaira schedule with:

Check-In: the program in English (on the language we promise nothing) where we interviewed as many teenagers as possible to find out their opinion about ESC2023 and their favorite singer.

Stonati: our program in Italian, to tell about the Contest but also what we see in the city. For you we also kept an eye on the (not a few) Italians who came to Liverpool to watch the Eurovision Song Contest live, will they have been able to make themselves known here as well?


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