Eurovision Logbook - Day 8

#ESC2023 The finaleeeee
Published by Sofia from Milan on 2023-05-14 in Detective
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Hello everyoneeeeeee.

I'm Sofia from Milan, here for you from Liverpool, for the last time (sigh). First of all, congratulations to Loreen from Sweden for winning Eurovision Song Contest 2023! I'm sure I'll spend the whole plane ride home tomorrow singing "Tattoo"; It's stuck in my head now!
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But let's take a step back. This morning we split into two groups: Sassa, Nicco, Iacopo, Marco, and Roberto went around Liverpool trying to interview as many people as possible.

Our goal here was to interview at least one teenager from each country competing in the contest. We got to 24 out of 37, which is still a great result! We met a lot of interesting people, people all dressed up in flags, people getting up at 5am to see the festival... Really amazing!
The other group was me and Luvi. We spent the day in the press room and two Spanish journalists interviewed us asking us what we thought of Spain's song. I told the truth: I don't like it very much, but fortunately they didn't get upset.
We also had a couple correspondences with RTL 102.5 News and then watched the Eurovision Song Contest final! When Marco Mengoni started singing, all of us Italian journalists gathered in front of one of the thousand screens here and sang with him. It was magical.
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Now that it's over, I have to admit that I will miss Liverpool. The atmosphere here is unique, everything is very international. I loved seeing each person dressed in their own flag colors.

It was like the hours before a football match, when around the city you see everyone with jerseys and flags, but this image multiplied by a thousand.

I met so many people that I had nothing in common with except love for music and being here in Liverpool. It was truly amazing and made me feel like I was part of something bigger than myself.

So guys, that's all from Liverpool! Always remember to follow us on Instagram at @radioimmaginaria and on our website! And if you aren't up to date with what we did, you can find everything in the other logbooks here on the site!