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The teenagers network

Since 2012 Radioimmaginaria is the network in Europe made, directed and conducted by us teenagers from 11 to 17 years old. In our radio no adult gets in the way and all the speakers can say what they think.

Radioimmaginaria is an antenna ready to broadcast and catch signals from the future world.

Who we are

Radioimmaginaria is the radio for teenagers and if you are between 11 and 17 years old you can participate too, you just need a phone and something to say!

In our episodes we try to explain how us teenagers see the world, here we talk about everything and every speaker can have their say.
The Radioimmaginaria kids

Listen to our live 24/7!

You can listen to Radioimmaginaria 24 hours a day thanks to our 247! At any hour of the day or night music, gossip, sport, love, stupid things, anime, friends... If you are one of those people who play a video in the background to feel less lonely, or if you just want to hear something different, click play!
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Our antennas

Radioimmaginaria is all over Italy and beyond: we also broadcast in Spanish, English and French! Here are some of the weekly episodes from our antennas. Choose your favourite and click play, come on!

Our video shows

It may sound strange but even if we're a radio we do have a video section. Here are our documentaries, reports and things that even we don't really know what to call them...
Icon of a megaphone Do you want to make your voice heard? Do you like to write or talk about your passions?
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Our articles

Starting from 2020 Radioimmaginaria is a proper newspaper and with our articles we try to describe the world that surrounds us from our point of view. Choose the category that best suits you.

Our events

Teenagers have opinions and these opinions count! In order to have a clear idea though, it's necessary to deal directly with things, describe them straight from where they happen. These are all the events we took part in and about which we were lucky enough to talk about!

Other projects

These are some of the projects we've been working on in the last period and they best sum up the mission of Radioimmaginaria. It's also through these ideas that we have tried to tell you about the future we imagine, immersed in a forest in the middle of a city or inside a magic chamber that no one knows about...
Do you want to make your voice heard? Do you like to write or talk about your passions?

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With a few and easy steps you'll be one of us!

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Stay up to date on the latest articles and the latest episodes and interviews! Find out if we will be with one of our events in your city!
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Download our app!

We're with you even at 7:00 a.m., when you're running late, half asleep on the subway or hanging by a finger on the bus most crowded in the city. Here's the Radioimmaginaria App, it's the easiest way to listen to our programs, record a podcast, a video or write your first article.
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