Who we are

Radioimmaginaria is the network of teenagers and if you are between 11 and 17 years old you can participate too.

With our episodes and our articles we try to tell the world from our point of view, trying to connect as many teenagers as possible, because in the bedrooms of cities around the world there is an adolescent who has something important to say.

Our opinion counts and it's time to make ourselves heard!
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Out Manifesto

Radioimmaginaria listens to and broadcasts the voices of teenagers
Radioimmaginaria wants to be on every landing in the world and all teenagers can be part of it
If you don't listen to the voices of teenagers, there is no future
Radioimmaginaria listens to and broadcasts the voices of teenagers
Radioimmaginaria facilitates dialogue between adults and teenagers
If adults have something important to say to teenagers, Radioimmaginaria finds the right words

Our speakers

Our antennas

The antennas of Radioimmaginaria are scattered all over Europe. In Italy we have branches in more than 50 cities but if yours is not there yet you can become our correspondent and open a new editorial office! All you need is between 11 and 17 years old, a phone and something to say. Look at the map and find out where you can find us!

Radioimmaginaria for environment

These last years we learned that if we really want to save the planet, the time to act has come, before it's too late. this is one of the main objectives of Radioimmaginaria: when it's time to talk about environmet, we want to stand in the front line.

Our statute

Download our statute (in Italian), here you can read about all the principles on which Radioimmaginaria was born.

Support us!

Without the help of all the people who have supported us over the years we would not have been able to do anything. If you would also like to help us grow click here!


Download our app!

We're with you even at 7:00 a.m., when you're running late, half asleep on the subway or hanging by a finger on the bus most crowded in the city. Here's the Radioimmaginaria App, it's the easiest way to listen to our programs, record a podcast, a video or write your first article.