Itzy's "Born To Be" Tour

In Depht Review of a Night to Remember
Published by Luna S on 2024-05-19 in Nerd
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The ITZY embarked on an exciting tour, named Born to Be, which crossed various parts of the world, characterized by bold tones and a touch of science fiction. The tour began on February 24th in Seoul and concluded its journey on May 4th in Madrid, where I was fortunate enough to attend the live concert. Being a loyal fan of ITZY for over three years, I felt compelled: I had to be there in this unique opportunity, considering that Europe had never been included in their previous tours.

Living in Italy, I had to travel almost 2000 km through three states to reach the concert, but every kilometer was worth it. On the day of the event, the excitement was palpable; it was a dream finally coming true. Despite avoiding spoilers from other tour stops like the plague, some videos gave me a taste of what to expect, confirming that it would be an extraordinary experience.
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Traveling alone, as none of my friends shared my enthusiasm (their loss), I was fortunate to be adopted by a group of friendly international Midzys, with whom I shared the evening, shouting and singing together (and, I admit, shedding some tears).

Despite Lia's absence due to a hiatus (for more information, I wrote an article about it), ITZY proved to be one of the most talented and promising female groups of the fourth generation. Their performances were accompanied by a live band, which further enriched the experience by giving a rock and energetic vibe to the tracks.
The stage presence of Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Yeji, and Yuna captured everyone's attention, conveying engaging energy. Used to watching their videos through a screen, it was surreal to have them in front of us. The choreographies, executed masterfully by both the girls and the supporting dance team, were full of vitality and professionalism, alternating with a suggestive background video that explored the sci-fi concept of the tour. According to the storyline, Itzy would receive superpowers through a comet and would later be transported to a new dimension.

Although the song selection was limited by time, the repertoire included all their most well-known hits. However, I would have appreciated it if more side tracks were added too. Nevertheless, the entire audience was unleashed, singing and dancing non-stop.
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In conclusion, the emotional impact of this tour is something that I will surely not forget. ITZY not only engaged fans in their performances but also dedicated special moments of thanks and informal conversations. After this experience, I fell even more in love with their music and their stage presence.