Types of Kpop Stans: Part 2!

Published by Luna S on 2023-12-29 in Nerd
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By exploring facets of K-pop fandoms in the previous article, it's clear that enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're a chill supporter, a Multistan, or a dance-floor conqueror, the world of K-pop is undeniably diverse and filled with unique characters. So as I promised you I'm here again for the juicy second part.
The collector

Behold the Collector, the K-pop version of a 17th-century royal with an Amazon Prime account. They collect everything related to their group. Clothing, albums, photo cards, posters, light sticks, figurines. You name it and they will most likely have it. They've might have probably financed a comeback or two.
Sasaeng fan

Being a Saesang is the shorter way to get a restraining order. I don't even think they should be classified as fans but even if they are very few they still exist, unfortunately. They don't respect the personal space or privacy of the idol by stalking them in every way possible. I know it's a common thing for fandom to have this kind of sick character but kpop seems to overflow with them.
The granny

Started to stan like 20 years ago and still listen to their favourites but they often admit that kpop has changed too much. They are probably nostalgic of the old good kpop but still want to support new generations.
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The exclusive one

Then there's the Exclusive one, the K-pop gatekeeper. "Don't call yourself a K-pop stan unless..." I'll still listen to the group's music even if I don't know the name of the fifth dog of every idol - no need to make K-pop a citizenship test.
The statistician

For the Statistician, awards, rankings, and charts are their language. "This group got more awards at Mama 2019 than this group." Can we just appreciate the music without turning K-pop into a math class? Calculators down, folks.
The crackheads

Last but not least, the Crackheads are just the best fans to actually bond and have a solid laugh at their collection of cursed icons and weirdly edited videos of your bias.