Types of Kpop Stans

Published by Luna S on 2023-12-08 in Nerd
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This seems crazy but I actually enjoy listening to Korean music a lot. My Spotify probably has had enough of my strange music taste spacing from roaring anthems of rock to "fairy tales vibes" songs within seconds. Well I can't decide! I've always believed that music should make you feel good, and that's why I never thought of categorizing K-pop stans (enthusiasts of this genre) – until curiosity got the better of me and I delved into the world of fandoms. And...yeah that's a lot to unpack.
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Average chill dude

The silent majority of enthusiasts falls into this category. These massive enjoyers tend to keep their passion to themselves, attending concerts and commenting under videos just to genuinely support their idols. For example, I bet my family and friends can't even name my favorite artists. They are often friendly and easy-to-talk-to, with an open-minded approach that doesn't necessarily revolve around making K-pop the center of the universe.

Then there are the "Multistans", individuals who stan more than one K-pop group, keeping an eye on both the famous and the lesser-known ones, appreciating diverse talents within the industry. This fan is characterized by a broad and inclusive approach, that's why they hate when fandoms fight over pathetic matters, because, let's face it, music is music, and everyone has their own taste.
Fake fan

As with any fandom, the realm of K-pop has its share of impostors. The "fake fan" superficially claims to like K-pop but is primarily there for personal gain, such as following the trend or spreading hate. This type may insult idols under the guise of help or encouragement, often dismissing all other groups as inferior. Honestly, they need to get a life.

A "Koreaboo" is an individual who adopts a rather extreme and often stereotypical fascination with Korean culture, to the point of throwing in a bin their own cultural background. Genuine appreciation for a culture or language is positive (I even decided to take a Korean course out of curiosity, hoping to improve my disastrous polyglot skills) but when it becomes an exaggerated imitation losing actual respect, it can be problematic.
The professional dancer

They know the chorus of every song, and they slay it. I often wonder where they learned those moves because, when I attempt to dance, I look like a three-year-old having a seizure.
The delusional warrior

The "delusional warrior" is a passionate and defensive fan who takes their dedication to an extreme level, engaging in fandoms wars. Armys and Blinks are often guilty. Genuine advice: get a life and extend your vocabulary; we are tired of hearing the same unoriginal misogynistic insults over girl groups.
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As I was writing I realized so many more types of kpop fans could be added, so I'll drop part 2 very soon! And while you eagerly wait for the next chart-topping release or the comeback of that one group you like, remember to check out our weekly nerd content!