Born To Be by Itzy: the Music Video Review!

Published by Luna S on 2023-12-22 in Nerd
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"Born to Be" serves as the pre-release single for ITZY's highly anticipated second studio album, following the success of 2021's "Crazy in Love." The album boasts ten tracks, with each member credited for the lyrics and composition of their solo songs. This marks a significant moment for ITZY as they showcase their involvement in songwriting and composition for the first time. The solo songs include Lia's 'Blossom,' Yeji's 'Crown on My Head,' Ryujin's 'Run Away,' Chaeryeong's 'Mine,' and Yuna's 'Yet.'

JYP Entertainment describes the album as a fusion of 'wild, bold, and understated charm, 'portraying the members as 'charismatic female warriors' embodying both outer and inner strength.
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However, it's impossible to discuss the album without acknowledging the absence of Lia, the 5th member, who has been on hiatus since September 2023 due to "extreme levels of anxiety" and mental health-related issues. And I know she would have loved and slayed this concept, but we have to be realistic and give her time to rest.

Speaking of rest, the comeback with a full album just six months after the mini-album "Kill My Doubt" (released in August) raises concerns about the members' well-being. Personally waiting a few more months could have been a wiser choice. JYP, instead of dabbling in Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics, pay these poor women vacations, please.
Moving on to the music video "Born to Be"; it showcases Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna engaging in energetic choreography were the visuals play a pivotal role in the entire video: red lights, a stark contrast between black and white, and the crazy moves of the backup dancers recreate a mythological atmosphere reminiscent of Dante's Inferno.
The setting, with these queens dancing on a freaking lava river, probably the Flegetonte (for those who skipped the Greek mythology class is the river of fire in the underworld), perfectly embodies the concept of charismatic female warriors.

Quoting the bold lyrics: Born to be, born to be, wild and free, they really said what better place if not the Inferno to be wild and free? And the song itself that deals with self growth and realizing one's full potential against what others may say about it combines everything perfectly. Chef kiss.
And last but not least: I didn't expect there to be a techno beat accompanying the powerful vocals, especially in a kpop song! This unexpected element elevates the listening experience, demonstrating ITZY's versatility.

I really enjoyed this comeback and if you haven't understood I just loooove this concept, I honestly want more of it, can't wait for the upcoming full album.
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