Radioimmaginaria in Liverpool at Eurovision 2023

The teenagers' radio, in Liverpool broadcasting the Eurovision Song Contest 2023
Published by Radioimmaginaria on 2023-04-26 in Events
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Liverpool here we come! From May 9th to May 13th a team of 7 speakers from Radioimmaginaria coming from every part of Italy will be in Liverpool to tell you all about Eurovision Song Contest 2023, the most important music festival in Europe!
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We, the teenagers of Radioimmaginaria, will broadcast live the Eurovision Song Contest to our EU peers, on all our social, web channels and on those of our radio partners. Everyday we'll follow the Festival from Liverpool's very heart and with our content we'll try to tell you all about what's happening from the point of view of us teenagers. Our mission will be to meet at least one teenager from each of the 37 Countries participating in the contest and asking them to tell us about Eurovision Song Contest 2023 from their point of view!

Last year, in Turin, we gave voice to the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine as a sign of solidarity for the Ukrainian people and for all those populations living in dangerous situations. During the ESC 2022 we broadcast from the EU Parliament and Commission's booth located at the Eurovision Village.

While in Liverpool, we can partner with radio stations and provide:

- A group of talented young speakers available to invite/interact with ESC contestants both in English and Italian.
- Lots of participating/visiting teenagers mediated (also legally) by Radioimmaginaria. We can interview in different languages (Italian, French, Spanish). Everyday we will assemble and share summary contents or provide live testimony and stories.
- Facilitated access to Marco Mengoni's entourage thanks to Sony Italy privileged relationship.
- We can share dedicated audio-video contents with a "street view/teen approach" with our supporting radio stations.
- Regular invoices for the amount funded.
- Custom-built budget and contents are available.
Foto degli speaker di Radioimmaginaria a Eurovision Village 2022

A bit more about Radioimmaginaria

Radioimmaginaria was founded in 2012 as a not-for-profit social project promoting the use of verbal language, radio culture, journalism and other professional communication education.
Our associated trainees have between 11 and 17 years of age, are located all over Italy and in other 8 countries, have been active during national and international events including the International Radio Festival, Eurovision Song Contest, Giffoni Film Festival, Expo 2015, Festival di Sanremo. In 2021, the president of the Italian Republic recognised our contribution to the wellbeing we contributed building for all Italian teenagers during the 2020-2021 COVID pandemic honouring us with the title of "Alfieri della Repubblica" ("Bishops of the Italian Republic").

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