River City's barista pt5

River City's barista pt5: 13 years later
Published by Sofia on 2022-10-13 in Detective
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Hey everyone!

You're reading the last part of "River City's barista"; a five-part story about life in River City's bar. If you want to read the first part, click here! And click here to read part two. To read part three click here. And here for part four. Now let's start part five!
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"I can't believe this is happening." whispered Mike.
"Me too. It's completely crazy." said Alex. "Getting married on a Wednesday is so weird."

"Oh, come on! It's an obvious reference to 'Begin Again' by our Tay Tay! We met in this café and we're getting married here, on a Wednesday, to watch it begin again!" said Taja, puffing up her wedding dress' skirt. She looked radiant in white.
"It's going to be amazing. Plus, good business for the café! It's going to become so famous! The guests are starting to arrive, I'll go back to my green room." she said, running away. Alex looked at Mike and raised a brow.

"A green room?" the barista sighed.
"She took the storage room as her personal green room."
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"Oh. Well, that's Taja."
"Yeah. Our girl." Mike's eyes glazed over. He was very emotional that day. "She's grown up so much. You all have."
"Aw, Mike." Alex hugged him. "You grew up too." he laughed.
"Are you calling me old?"
"Maybe a little." They stopped hugging and looked at each other.

"Alex. I'm retiring." Alex took a step back, looking startled.

"What!? Only because I said you're old? I was just joking." Mike chuckled.
"No, I've been meaning to tell you for a while now. Jane already knows. I think it's time." He took Alex's hands in his. "And I know I'm leaving the bar in the right hands." Alex looked down at their intertwined fingers. Realization struck him.
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"You... you mean..."
"Yes, I want to leave you the bar. You don't have to decide now, think about it for a bit, you can tell me when Taja and Jane are on their honeymoon."

Alex looked at him, little tears in the corners of his eyes.
"I don't have to think about it. I accept your offer." Mike smiled.

"Awesome." They hugged. "Now, let's go watch our best friends get married."

It was a beautiful ceremony. Taja made lots of Taylor Swift references in her vows and Jane made a little one too, causing Taja to kiss her on a whim before being proclaimed wife and wife. Their first dance was to "Lover" by Taylor Swift, of course. Then everybody started dancing to the notes of "Shake It Off".
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There was glitter on the floor after the party

Mike carrying his shoes down in the lobby

Candle wax and Polaroids on the hardwood floor

Taja and Jane and Alex, forevermore.