How to survive when you're Italian but you live abroad | With Italians Mad at Food

Welcome back to Idioteens | Tips to survive! In today’s episode we’re talking about the struggles of Italian people who live abroad. Well, we know the only real struggle is one, and it concerns food. Because, let’s face it, when you’re used to eating real Italian food everyday of your life, it’s hard to give it up. And at some point, while you’re strolling down the streets of a foreign city, you miss home. The nostalgia kicks in, you tell yourself “Let’s give it a chance” and you enter the famous Italian restaurant everyone is telling you about. Problem is, Italian food cooked by foreigners is always a disaster, and people from Italy have been really vocal about it on the internet. That’s why today with us there is Sarah, admin of the page Italians Mad at Food: they collect complaints all over the world of, well, Italians mad at food. It’s really funny and you should check it out!
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