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A forest in a library

A real forest, with real trees the size of 12x18 meters. 216 square feet in total, inside a library. You got it right. Nature is ready to invade the covered square inside Bologna's most famous library, SalaBorsa. And it's not over!

In the middle of the forest there will be desks and a whiteboard, because we miss real school so much. And from the 1st to the 6th of March we will follow the Sanremo Festival right from the wood!

And what happens when it's all over?

Don't worry! Some of the trees that are in the forest of Radioimmaginaria, which are provided by Hydroplants, will be sold at an auction for charity.

Whoever wants to take part in the auction will: 1. buy a tree with a particular history (we will give each of them a meaningful name and an ID) and 2. help the "Cucine Popolari" ODV. The proceeds will be entirely will go to them!

Join us!
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