5 reasons to read Percy Jackson
22-12-2020 • Nerd • by Sofia A
As you probably already heard, Disney + is going to make a tv series out of the Percy Jackson books! And this time Uncle Rick is going to be involved in the process! (As you probably know, he wasn't very involved in the films, and we all know how they turned out).

We finally have hope for some decent on-screen adaptation of this beloved series.

But maybe you're one of those people who's still trying to decide if they should read it or not. Well, today I'm going to give you 5 reasons why you should read it!


I know, I know, you should watch the movie first, but the movies are terrible and It's going to take a very long time for the tv series to finally be released, so you have my permission to read the whole book series first. And plus, since we know Uncle Rick (that's how the Percy Jackson fandom calls Rick Riordan; the author) will be involved, we already know that it will be pretty accurate, so it's all good.

The chapters' titles are so funny! They seem like very clickbaity YouTube videos titles, that in the end turn out to be true. They are so hilarious and I really hope they'll be the episodes' titles in the tv series! It'd be so cool!

(Also, yes, the one you can see up here was written by me because it originally was in Italian since, you know, I'm Italian).


These books talk about Greek mythology, and this topic is written and explained so well that you won't realise you're learning it, until these myths will be brought up in your classes and you'll suddenly be an expert! Believe me, it's the best feeling ever! (Can you tell that I'm a Ravenclaw?)

Percy Jackson is the protagonist of the story (well, duh), but he's also the narrator. And believe me, he's so funny and super sarcastic and this crazy story told by him is very enjoyable, especially because many times he doesn't even know what's going on!


Aside from Percy (who's an awesome person and a very funny character), you'll find many interesting characters through the entire series.

Whether it's Annabeth, with her intelligence and awesomeness, or Grover with his clumsiness and sweetness, or even Clarisse with her arrogance and passion, or maybe Chiron (you'll find out later who he is ehehehe), I promise you'll find a character you'll fall in love with. And even in the next books... but I'll shut up, cause I don't want to spoil them.
So this is all folks!

I really hope I convinced you to start reading this series, I promise you won't regret it! Maybe you could buy the first book; The Lightning Thief, with that sweet Christmas pocket money you received! (assuming you haven't spent it yet)

And now go, my book loving friends, go read Percy Jackson!

Illustration by Gabriela