The Blue Scarf 1

The Blue Scarf 1: Catherine and Mila
Published by Sofia on 2022-10-21 in Detective
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Catherine was ten years old, she was alone and cold. She was sitting at the hall's window, the cold glass pressed against her cheek. The orphanage was especially silent that morning; another kid had died and the nuns were scared.

A little blue car parked and a little girl with black hair came out of it. A tall man dressed in black got out too. He held the girl's hand and they got into the orphanage. The girl ran away and the man went to the secretary without turning around. He disappeared behind the door.

The girl approached Catherine in the deserted hall.
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"Hi, are you cold?" she asked her. Before she could respond the girl took off the blue scarf she was wearing and put it around Catherine's shoulders. She tightened it around her neck, glad for the sudden warmth. She looked the newcomer in the eyes. They were blue.

"My name is Mila." she said.
"I'm Catherine."
"Are your parents gone too?" Catherine turned towards the window.
"Yes. I'm all alone." Mila took her hand. Catherine looked back at her, startled.
"No, not anymore. I'm here. Do you want to be friends?" She flushed.
"Ye... yes. I'd like that."
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Catherine and Mila were fifteen and had not been adopted yet. A couple had tried to adopt Mila once, but she had thrashed and screamed so much that they decided not to. She was the youngest of the two and on the night of her fifteenth birthday Catherine hugged her and whispered: "Just three more years. Just three."

Catherine turned eighteen. She had to go away. She couldn't stay at the orphanage anymore.
"It's just six months. I'll work and get us a nice house. We'll finally be together." That was the night they kissed for the first time.
"It's about time." laughed Mila between tears. "I was starting to lose hope." Catherine kissed her again.
"I'll never let you lose hope."
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Mila wrote to her everyday and Catherine visited her every time she got the chance. The day of her eighteenth birthday Catherine arrived at the orphanage in a battered car. She waited anxiously while Mila signed all the documents, then carried her to the car bridal style.

"You're here." said Mila breathlessly.
"I'm here. You're not alone anymore."

Catherine and Mila were twenty-two. That day they had gone out for dinner. Catherine was wearing a nice dress for once and Mila had put on the pearl necklace her girlfriend had given her for her twentieth birthday. She noticed that Catherine was nervous.

"Love, is something wrong?"
"I... uhm... I... I need to tell you something..."

To be continued...