How's the contagion going? How does the secret life of a teen in quarantine look like? Not even Covid-19 could stop Radioimmaginaria: in this show we told you how we managed in these months between online classes, crazy parents and TV series. We also called some experts, to understand more about this virus and how it affected our lives. Stay tuned!

In 63 episodes we talked about a lot of things, from sport to music, from online classes to cooking tutorials and we had more than 90 guests with us!



Coronao-Now: free for all!

In Italy the 6th of June marked the official end of the school year, even though school has never been stranger. The online classes took away from us the coffee scent in the halls, or the smelly armpit on the bus but they couldn't take everything. They couldn't take away the magic of the last bell.

To fight the last war together on Radioimmaginaria we went on air on Friday June the 5th with a 4 hour marathon to understand what we could do to get our last day of school back.