Let's balance out
Food prices skyrocketing
28-01-2021 • Eco • by Ludovica Luvi F
It isn't as bad as you think. Or maybe it is.

Another week has passed and we're back with the climate updates! This is "Let's balance out" and you'll read one good news and one bad news about the climate crisis. Shall we begin?

So what do you want first? The good news or the bad news?

One of the many consequences of climate change could also be the price of food. No one seems to think about that, but the climate crisis will make food prices skyrocket.

This is because climate change makes the weather hotter, dryer and less predictable, and this isn't very good for agricolture.

We actually are experiencing this now, since from 2000 the prices of food have been increasing by 2.6% per year. If it goes on like this, food could cost double as it costs now. And this is just if the increasing rate stays the same, but it doesn't look like it. If you wanna know the rest check this video from the BBC!

Have you ever thought where do cartridges end up after they have been fired from hunters' shotguns? I know, it's a weird question to ask oneself, but this is a weird world after all. The answer to this is in the ground, anyway.

In Spain, an entrepreneur asked himself this question while playing Airsoft with his friends and he "realised we were leaving plastic in the environment that would remain there for ever."
After a decade, his company BioAmmo was able to produce 100% plastic-free, biodegradable and bio-compostable cartridges. What would be the plastic part of the cartridge was replaced by a vegetable biopolymer and the metal part was designed to disappear.

This has a lot of good consequences for the sustainability of all shooting disciplines.

Illustrationsby Gabriela