15-09-2020 • Pop • by Sofia A
Jubilee, the YouTube channel behind "odd man out" and "middle ground", has done it again. Constantly raising the bar for us all. And doing it flawlessly.

Okay, I'm kidding (or am I not?), this is just a pop culture reference.

But this amazing YouTube channel talks about very important topics, presenting them in a "game" format, to make them more digestible.

This time I'm talking about another one of their series; Spectrum.
Here we have a group of around six people that have all something in common, like being a cheater, a white person a drag queen or a black person.

They stand in line in the middle of the "stage". They are given a prompt and then have a couple of seconds to go stand on one of the six lines on the stage.

From right to left they're called strongly disagree, disagree, somewhat disagree, somewhat agree, agree and strongly agree. This represents the person's stance on the prompt.

Then they discuss, keeping a calm and respectful tone (or, at least, trying to).
This method makes these conversations not only more precise, but also more entertaining and fun!

It's very interesting getting to know these people's opinions and also discovering that not all of them think the same, despite being part of a specific group.

I have so much respect and admiration for the Jubilee team; they're helping people talk about this important stuff and they even participated to not only one spectrum episode, but two!