12-09-2020 • Pop • by Sofia A
Okay, let me get this straight.

I. Need. To. Go. On. An. Adventure.

Like, right now.

I need somebody to just tell me "the Apocalypse starts in ten days, let's go!" and just, bring me with him.

C'mon, many people my age have already defeated a powerful wizard various times or have destroyed a goddess and a handful of titans and giants.

Some of them can even TRAVEL IN TIME!

And they have saved the world AT LEAST once.
I just want to wake up one day, discover that I have superpowers and start fighting crime. Is that too much to ask?

Can't I just get recruited to work with Batman?

Can't Nick Fury just knock on my door and make me an Avenger?

Can I AT LEAST become a spy? Is this too much to ask?

Was I born in the wrong universe? Am I the only one who's got this lust, this need for Adventure?

Am I the only one who wants to escape from this world, to jump into another one, one with more Adventure, more superpowers, more possibilities?

Well, probably not. Many people want this, probably even you, reading this.
But we can't.

We can just stay here, watching the sky, hoping that, one day, we'll be able to fly up there.

We can just get together and talk about this, about our need for Adventure and try to feel a little less alone.

Illustration by Claudia