Covid cases in Spain under control
27th of July
07-07-2020 • Detective • by Ludovica Luvi F
Hey everyone! This is the daily press release by Radioimmaginaria!
You think the news is boring?
Do you want to get informed but it's too hot outside?
Do you believe the newspaper's only purpose is to cover your furniture when you have to paint?

Don't worry! It's really easy to get informed actually, much easier than it seems, here's for you 3 quick and fresh news about what's happening in the world right now.

1. From BBC, Spain has said outbreaks of new Covid-19 cases are isolated and under control after the UK abruptly ordered people coming from the country to quarantine.

2. The Guardian reports that the Council of Europe is alarmed that Poland's rightwing government is moving to withdraw from a landmark international treaty aimed at preventing violence against women

3. From Al Jazeera, Police declare riots in Seattle and Portland amid US protests. Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets for weeks following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

I almost forgot: the news are like the stairs of Harry Potter, they like to change a lot. So if there is going to be any update you absolutely have to read you will find it here!

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