App for the quarantine: keep in touch!
20-04-2020 • Nerd • by Carlotta F
Most of the world is now being quarantined and although we can still use our social medias to communicate with family and friends, two artists named Danielle Baskin and Max Hawkins developed this new app called "QuarantineChat" that connects its users living in quarantine all around the globe.

It works just like whatsapp, so you have to register through your phone number but it uses the internet connection to communicate. Basically, your phone will start ringing at random and the app will put you in contact with someone on the other side of the world so that you guys can keep eachother company, talk about your day, your ambitions or literally whatever you want. The main objective of this project is to maintain the beauty of meeting someone brand new randomly, something that for obvious reasons cannot be done if we are to stay at home (and please do stay at home).

Of course this app seems fantastic and a really good chance to support each other during these difficult moments, however you're still talking to a complete stranger so if you were to download it please be extremely cautious!!