MaratHome for Future
Friday March the 20th
04-04-2020 • Eco • by Mark D
Hey guys! Since we've been home from school because of the Coronavirus, we have been broadcasting everyday with Coronao Now, a new format invented expecially to understand how us teenagers are living this strange moment and to try to understand when we're going to be back to normal. We thought this would last just one week but... here we are. During these days we've been asking ourselves, what will it be of us after COVID-19? In order to find an answer, Friday March the 20th we will be live from 9 am to 7 pm with a video-marathon of 10 hours where we will discuss with Italian journalist and radio host Federico Taddia and in collaboration with the platform how to survive the epidemic.

What is the pandemic teaching us? We would have never thought that in 2020 could be possible to stay at home for weeks. But against every prevision we made it. Now we're serious: we have to save ourselves and live in a sustainable world. Right now! How can we turn this around? We managed for almost a month to stay with our parents all the time, we don't meet with our friends anymore, we stay at home even if the weather is splendid, it's time to find solutions! We will be helped by people from Fridays for Future movements all around the globe, virtually connected for a whole day.

Stay tuned!