Watch the movie first!
17-01-2020 • Nerd • by Sofia, from Milan
We all know how it goes. We hear the news that our favourite book is getting a film. We're so hopeful, so happy. And so naive.

The movie is nothing like the book. We're heartbroken, there are some tears, we frantically re-read the book, trying to find some comfort.

And this is why you should watch the film before reading the book. Okay, I know. If you've already read the book, not knowing that it would become a movie, then it's fine. But be sure to watch the film with a really open mind.
But let's just back track a second, and think about a producer. A film producer. Now, if I were in them and somebody offered me to make a movie out of a book, I'd run away in the opposite direction.
I don't want angry fans coming after me, and we all know how angry fans can be. These producers are really brave. And I get it. Trying to fit a three-hundred pages book in a two hours film must be extremely difficult. Also because nobody tried to make a TV series out of a book, where every episode corresponds to a chapter (except maybe "Game of Thrones").

How many of us where disappointed when Peeves the Poltergeist didn't make the Harry Potter movies? For a fan of the movies reading the books and finding him is just a beautiful surprise, the icing on the cake, the new interesting detail.

So, my life-changing advice is really simple: watch the film first!

This way you can appreciate it, then turn to the book and discover so much more about the story, and really getting into it.