Young jurors at Sanremo Festival 2019

Published by Marco R on 2019-01-10 in Events
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Hey guys! We have a super announcement to make!

So, you know we have participated in the Sanremo Festival for a few years now, to tell you in our episodes all the things that happen there! For those of you who don't know this, Sanremo is the festival of the Italian song and it takes place every year in Sanremo, Italy. It's a very important festival for Italy, but let's say that it's not really something for young people...It's a bit old-targeted.

BUT, this year we'll do something really cool: we formed a jury made by 100 teenagers like us from all over Italy, and these jurors every night will vote for their favorite artist until the final!

Maybe you'll think it's nothing special, but we have the possibility to vote and to be actually taken into consideration! It's really cool.

We will tell you the winner we picked right before the announcement of the actual winner, we hope we'll get it right!

Plus, from the 5th to the 9th of February (the days of the Festival) you can find us live every night from Casa Sanremo (Sala Pino Daniele) and we will tell you what we think about the Festival, we will call all the jurors and tell you our impressions...Be careful because we will not go easy on the Festival! It will be fun though.

The jurors will be from all regions of Italy and some of them will be our speakers, but you can join too! Keep looking into our website because soon we will tell you what to do if you want to be part of the jury too! First of all, y'all need to watch the Festival!

Stay tuned for more news!

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