Can't have Batman without Robin

Can't have Batman without Robin: how many Robins are there?
Published by Sofia on 2021-09-26 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends! Today I'll make some clarifications, cause I know many things can be confusing for people who want to become superheroes fans, for example how many Robins are there!? Well, the answer is technically four, or, sometimes, five.

Don't worry, I'll explain right now!

Canonically we have four Robins. But there was a time in which the Robins were five, because Batman also chose Stephanie Brown, who is now known for being Batgirl and Spoiler. Her time as Robin has now been kinda erased, so we have to say that the Robins are four.

Let's get to them!


The first Robin. He worked in a circus with his parents and together they were "The Flying Graysons" the acrobats. One day the circus got sabotaged by the mafia and Dick's parents died during the show. Bruce Wayne was in the audience and he decided to adopt Dick, who, after a while discovered he was Batman and became Robin shortly after.
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As he grew up he decided to stop being Batman's sidekick and became the leader of the first Teen Titans team. Then, when the team fell apart, he became Nightwing and moved to Blüdhaven to fight crime.


The second Robin is more... angsty. Batman caught him trying to steal the Bat-mobile tires to sell them to support his family and decided to take him in. He had many problems with his family and was really violent, to the point that DC decided to make the readers vote whether they wanted him to die or not. In the end, he was murdered by the Joker, who beat him and his mother, then made the building explode.

But fear not! Jason came back from the dead and he was VERY angry that Batman had not killed the Joker, so he became the Red Hood, an anti-hero who uses guns and kills, basically everything Batman doesn't want to do.
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Then we have Tim; the intelligent Robin. He was pretty similar to Dick and ended up kinda the same; he went away and joined a new team of Teen Titans and used the alias of Red Robin. He also recently came out as bisexual.


Last but not least, we have Damian Wayne, the current Robin (depending on what you're reading/watching). He's Bruce Wayne's only biological son and his mother is Talia al Ghul, who had him without telling it to Bruce. She dropped Damian at his house after some years, when he was already a trained assassin. He became Robin and had to train a lot in order to obey to Batman's no killing rule.

So this is everything folks! Now you're all Robin experts.

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