Superheroes we NEED in our world

Superheroes we NEED in our world: the superheroes who could really save us
Published by Sofia on 2022-02-18 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy and non-nerdy friends! Today I'm here to talk about some of the superheroes we really need to exist in our world. Let's go!


Basing myself on his speech at the end of "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" I think he's a great hero and somebody who will make a difference, not only using his shield and wings, but also compassion.


Okay, I know she's mostly known as a villain, but these days Poison Ivy is branding herself as an eco terrorist and an anti-hero. Now, I think violence is bad and horrible and it should be used only in situations of emergency, like when you need to save the world. With that being said, I think that Poison Ivy is the hero (or anti-hero) we need if we want to save our planet.

'Cause, ya know, climate change and all of that. She'd really help us because she cares about planet Earth and she's willing to do anything to save it.
A drawing of the DC superhero Flash
ilustration by Radioimmaginaria


Now, with Spider-man I mean ALL the Spider-men and Spider-women of the multiverse. Well, maybe not ALL of them cause, ya know, some of them are kinda... crazy? What I want is to have a friendly neighbourhood Spider-man or Spider-woman in every city of our planet. (I book Ghost-Spider for Milan!) Something very cool and beautiful about this superhero is that he's a normal person, he's always willing to help and, well, he's very friendly. I think they would really make our world a better place, because they care about everyone.
Superman symbol and heroes
Illustrations by Carlotta Forni


Now, it can happen that, sometimes, we're late to something. Maybe the underground isn't working and we are late for school. Or, maybe, we need a package to arrive at our house soon, because is the birthday gift for our grandma, which we forgot about until the morning of the party. Well, who are we gonna call? But Flash, of course!

I feel like he'd be down to help us with our everyday problems and he'd probably tell us a joke on the way to school, or end up doing all the deliveries for the delivery guy after helping us with our package.

So this is all folks! Do you agree with me? Do you think there are other superheroes who we need in our world? Let me know by writing an e-mail to [email protected].