Rain pt2

Rain pt2: the end
Published by Sofia on 2021-11-25 in Detective
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What's going to happen next?

Hey guys! This is the second part of the two-part story "Rain". If you haven't read part one yet, you can click here to read it.

Now let's get onto the final part!

Loretta pushed Skye. She fell down, her face touching the wet sidewalk, tears streaming down her face. She turned to see the sky, still lying on the ground. The rain fell on her, but she couldn't feel it. She was too scared.

She breathed heavily and got up, ready to face Loretta. But her bully was silent, staring at her, her eyes wide, her mouth open. She ran away.

Before Skye could understand what had happened, she heard a sound coming from the school entrance. It was her aunt.
School hallway with green doors and white walls
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Skye is feeling strange

Skye walked toward her with her arms open, hoping for a hug. But her aunt screamed and ran toward her. She went through her and Skye felt suddenly very cold. She turned to see what her aunt was doing and she saw... herself.

Skye's body was still on the ground. Her aunt knelt next to it and she sobbed.

Next to her aunt there were two evanescent people. Skye gasped.

They were her parents.
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The end

She ran to them, crying, and hugged them.

"Mom, dad, are you really here?" she whispered. Her dad stroked her cheek and made her look up.

"Yes, dear, we're here. Now you're home."

Skye smiled and her last tear fell down her cheek. Then she disappeared along with her parents.


Cover Illustration by Elena