The stress of packing

The stress of packing: going on holiday is fun, but packing isn’t. On the contrary, it is very very very stressful and hard to do.
Published by Alice C on 2021-07-22
It's summer right? We're finally on vacation, we are free of school, homework, sport training and we get to hang out more with whoever we want. It's the most relaxing time of the year right?

Wrong. You failed to remember the stress that follows the decision of going on holiday. Because yes, going on holiday is fun, but packing isn't. On the contrary, it is very very very stressful and hard to do.
WHAT DO YOU NEED TO BRING WITH YOU?First of all, you have to think about everything that you're going to need away from home. Isn't that just the most difficult thing in the world? I can't even think about what I'm going to eat tomorrow but I'd have to program what I'm wearing in two weeks? Are you crazy?? My mum used to make me organize every single outfit of the week. Simply a nightmare.FIT EVERYTHING IN A SMALL BAGSecondly, from a space point of you, one of the worst thing that can happen is having to travel with a small bag. Sometimes it happens that if you have to move a lot you can't bring two huge luggage's. Or even, some flying companies don't allow you to bring more than a bag or you have to pay more. In all of these cases, you don't just have to pack, but to pack smart. Some have the skill to magically fit a thousands of things in a small space but most of us, common mortals, can't. Can you imagine how stressful that is?
PACKING IS A FAMILY BUSINESSAnd finally, the biggest stress of all is dealing with the rest of your stressed family. In fact, everyone of them is dealing with packing too so... you can imagine what happens. Mums usually go around blaming their sons and daughters that they're not helping enough. However, if you try to, they will accuse you of doing it all wrong. Dads on the other hand , are always looking for something that they can't find and consequently ask over and over to their wives for the hidden things.

A mess. If you want to escape this though, there is only one solution: don't go on vacation. I don't know about you bye I don't think I can give that up.

Illustrations by Nina