Lost friends pt.3

Lost friends pt.3: the end of the story
Published by Sofia on 2021-10-29 in Detective
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Hi everybody! This is the third part of the three-part story Lost Friends. If you haven't read the other parts yet, you can read part one clicking here, and part two clicking here.

Now let's get onto the last part!

Natalie paid for the coffees and put the napkin with Carol's number in her purse. She got out of the café and a man bumped into her. She fell down and was about to say 'sorry' when she felt his hand reach for her bag. He took it and ran away.

It was starting to rain and some people stopped to help her. She asked one of them to borrow their phone so she could call her husband.

She breathed heavily and she started crying, while he reassured her and told her they'd go to the police and fix everything. She went home and in the next days she had to get a new ID card, a new phone, they changed their house's lock and keys...

With all of that worrying her, she forgot entirely about Carol, again.
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Natalie was thirty and she was on vacation in Santa Monica. It was her last vacation before her husband and her became a family. She was five months pregnant with a baby girl.

They were walking around Santa Monica when she saw a beautiful church. Natalie had always been intrigued by them, so she decided to take a look. As she approached the building she saw a big picture set next to the entrance. It was a picture of a dark skinned girl wearing a white shirt. She had a kind smile and brown eyes.

Natalie put her hands over her mouth. It was Carol. She had died.

She almost fell down. Her husband held her as she started crying. After she had calmed down a little bit she asked him to go inside the church.

There they found a blonde man near a open casket. He must've been Carol's boyfriend. Natalie got near him and was about to ask him who he was, when she looked down and saw her friend's face.
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Her face was still. She was wearing a white dress and a gold necklace. Natalie cried silently and she heard her husband talking to the blonde man.
He was Carol's husband. They had gotten married three years before, exactly on the day of their second anniversary.

"You were Carol's friend?" he asked her gently. She just nodded.

"Can I... can I leave something for her?" Natalie breathed heavily and turned around to face her friend's husband. He smiled at her. He looked very tired.

"Sure." she fumbled with her purse and took out her old flower printed hijab. She was carrying it with her as back up. She put it in Carol's casket, partially covering her dress.

"Thank you." she whispered. "Goodbye."

Natalie and her husband exited the church. She stopped at the entrance and stroked her belly.

"We're going to call her Carol." she told her husband.


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