Inside by Bo Burnham

Inside by Bo Burnham: if you haven't watched it already, DO IT!
Published by Alice C on 2021-07-15 in Pop
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Hey you! Are you out of ideas on what to watch on Netflix? I know it's summer and everybody should be having so much to do but to be honest... I have more free time than I'd like to admit. This time I'm not going to suggest tv series because they're dangerous. You start with one episode and three days later you're still stuck on it, you lack of sleep and developed a slight myopia. What I'd like to talk about is a film produced and realised by Bo Burnham.

It's ok if you don't know who he is because it has been 5 years that he doesn't perform in public anymore. He's a comedian who expresses his ideas, parodies and jokes with music. His shows used to be him with a piano singing very sarcastic songs. He would write about everything: religion, modern pop songs, social network and so on. He quit performing because of mental health struggling and in January 2020 he decided to finally be ready to go back... and then Covid happened.
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Inside is a film (if so it can be described) made entirely while quarantining in a house. Bo looked for the right lightings, sounds and light effects and the aesthetics for every single scene. The majority of the show is sung but there are also pieces of him talking and reflecting on things.

It very difficult to tell you what this movie is about because it's about almost anything. Bo Burnham sings about the controversies of our times, about how social media are fake, about the wideness of the internet, the white basic man's hypocrisy and so on. At the beginning it looks like a parody show but the more it goes on, the more it gets serious. The comedian started this project during the first Covid wave, when people couldn't even go outside of their house, willing to have something to be busy with.
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The more he goes on, the more you can see his struggle getting bigger. At first he sings songs like "White woman's Instagram" where he makes fun of the mainstream Instagram a lot of girls have. At the end he has troubles talking, films himself while crying and gets frustrated and angry.
Even if I wrote a thousand words I wouldn't be able to describe what a wonderful piece of work this film is. The only alternative you have if I made you curious enough is to go and watch it by yourself.

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