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No Game No Life: a very personal review about this anime!
Published by Sofia from Bologna on 2021-07-15 in Nerd
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Hey guys I'm back and today I'm talking about an anime called No Game No Life with only 12 amazingly beautiful episodes and I'm super sad because it finished in a terrible way, but let's start with our protagonist.
The brothers Sora and Shiro are inseparable, both in the real world and in the videogame one. Their individual skills, combined together, make them an invincible team: Sora is characterized by cunning intuitions and a profound tactical-analytical ability, while Shiro possesses an out of the ordinary intelligence that allows her an incredible ability to calculate and forecast.
In the real world the two brothers are a couple of hikikomori and NEET, but in the videogame they form together [ ] («Empty space»): in fact, they always leave an empty space in the name of the avatars with which they participate online, climbing every ranking and obtaining unsurpassed scores. No matter what game it is, [ ] never loses and for this reason is considered a real urban legend. Sora is 18 if I'm not wrong, and Shiro is eleven and they dropped out of school because of the too boring subjects.
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One day, after receiving an email challenging a chess game and having won once again, not without difficulty, the brothers are asked by the mysterious opponent what their opinion on the real world is. Immediately after replying that it is nothing more than a "poor game" and that if there was another reality entirely regulated by the games they would belong to that, the two are teleported to another dimension: Disboard. It is their challenger to do this, he's a boy called Tet who, introducing himself as God, quickly explains the rules of his world to Sora and Shiro.

There are in fact ten commandments, which he himself instituted, aimed at prohibiting all forms of violence through the imposition of the use of games for the resolution of any question within the different kingdoms, as well as for the regulation of relations between the sixteen Exceed, the different races that populate the planet. The brothers then become the last hope of the human race (Imanity), which is in possession of the smallest region and which turns out to be the last ranked among all the Exceeds for the inability to use magic.
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There are also other characters like:
  • Stephanie Dola: the granddaughter of the former ruler of Elkia, the realm of Mankind. Immediately after losing in the tournament to decree the new entitled to the throne, eager to perpetrate her grandfather's plan, she meets Sora and Shiro to whom she will learn to entrust her hopes regarding the fate of humanity. She is not very smart, but Sora often manages to somehow exploit her presence to gain some use from it in the course of the games.
  • Jibril: a member of the Flügel, the sixth ranked breed. Jibril became the mistress of Elkia's library after winning it from the previous ruler. He was a member of the council of eighteen wings, the center of power in Avant Heim, and therefore has a strong influence over his own nation. After losing to Sora and Shiro she decides to become their subordinate by recognizing him as her new "masters".
  • Kurami Zell: a pretender to the throne of Elkia. After beating all of her opponents, including Stephanie, she is confronted by Sora and Shiro, who are the only ones to discover that the basis of her incredible skill in gambling lies a help from an elf, Feel. On several occasions she will try to face Sora and Shiro always believing them to be pawns in the hands of some superior race, until in the end she too will come to trust the two protagonists thanks to a stratagem devised by Sora.
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There are also many other characters and plot twists. I recommend this anime because the graphic and the drawings are amazing and the storyline is great and the characters hilarious even though some times weird.
Let me know if you will watch it and what are your thoughts if you already watched it.

Illustrations by Claudia
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