How to face the last month of school

Published by Charlie on 2018-05-17 in Pop
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This is a guide for all the students who only need to survive one last month of school before it's finally over and summer can begin. Actually, I wouldn't know how to help through this, given that a) I also have final exams in June to finally end high school forever and b) I never had a precise technique about this. As many of you, I basically try to stay alive under the enormous amount of tests without particular organization abilities and, in the end, I always manage to get through it.
That said, I will help you and myself using an article I found on an Italian website made especially for desperate students who need a hand, there you can find really a huge amount of notes, exercises etc.
  1. TRY AND MAKE UP YOUR GRADES: this is that moment of the year, your last occasion to bring your grades up. Don't be a fool and volunteer for oral tests, so that you can be prepared and you don't risk getting called by the teacher when you're not ready. Plus, if you choose to make your oral test soon in the month, you can spend the rest of it enjoying your free time.
  2. FOCUS ON THE WORSE: yes, since you have little time left, it's best for you to focus on the subjects you have more difficulties in and leave aside the ones where you know you don't need particular help.
  3. GET HELP: allow yourself to get help, don't be proud and refuse help from others, it can really be useful and it's all to your advantage.
  4. DON'T CHEAT: getting caught cheating means your final exams can be very dangerous since they are the last of the year, you don't want to make a bad impression on your professors!
  5. BEHAVE: also the way you behave in the classroom can influence your grades, don't be an a*s and be nice to everyone :) :) :) :)

    And I'd say that's all! Now I really need to go back to study, bye!