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Found family: the best book trope ever
Published by Sofia on 2021-07-08 in Nerd
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Hello there, my name's Sofia and I love reading books. There are some tropes that I really love and today I'm talking about the best out of all of them: Found Family!

It consists in a group of characters who meet and, after a while, become a family. It's gonna be a pretty weird family: sometimes it's made up only by teenagers, other times you have some adults, and many times the characters aren't all humans.

Some characters who are part of a found family may end up being together romantically, and when they'll eventually have kids, the children will call the other members of the found family aunt or uncle. I think that's really beautiful.
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What I love about this trope is seeing these characters with tragic pasts, who usually are orphans or runaways, coming together, slowly starting to trust each other, and then behaving like actual siblings; bickering and then risking their lives to save the others. I just find it so beautiful and I'd love to experience that kind of bond with other people some day.

Wait... now that I think about it, I am part of a found family right now! It's called Radioimmaginaria and you're in its website! In this radio I feel like I'm at home, and even though I can't see my 'found siblings' every day (we are all over Europe, you know), I now we're always there for each other.

Okay, enough with the cheesy stuff; if you want to read about found families I'm here to give you some recommendations. I'm also including some tv series, because why not!
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Books: Percy Jackson and the gods of Olympus, Six of Crows, Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard, Trials of Apollo, Heroes of Olympus, The Kane Chronicles.

Tv series: Code Lyoko, Avatar: the last airbender, Brooklyn nine-nine, New Girl, Avatar: the legend of Korra, How I Met Your Mother, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Young Justice, Titans, Stranger Things, Get Even, and Trinkets.

Now go, my dear nerdy friends, go read these books (or watch these tv series)!
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