A lesson of German

Published by Alice, 17 years on 2018-05-13 in Detective
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German, in my opinion, is one of the most controversial languages that could possibly exist. Some people love it, but a huge amount of people can't figure out how it works. Certain German words are adorable, but others are just a nightmare for a learner.

First of all, I'd like to begin sharing my favorite word ever: glove. For some reason, German people thought to call them Handschuhe. That literally means 'hand shoes'... if that's not cute I don't know what else is. But let's move on. The German word for turtle is Schildkroete, that means 'shield toad', and the word for a long queue is Warteschlange, which means 'waiting snake'.
But German is not just made of cute words. Very often there are some words that could have two completely different meanings. For example, the verb "brechen" could mean 'to break' but also 'to puke'. Another infernal word is "geil". That usually means 'cool' but if you use it as a person's adjective, it means 'hot'. The difference is small but you have to be very careful.

Finally, in German, there are plenty of words that are similar but with different prefixes. To add the wrong prefix means to change completely the sense of the sentence. Machen, for example, means 'to make', but if we add the prefix "zu" it becomes 'to close'. "Mitbringen" means "to bring", but "umbringen" means 'to kill'. A week ago I said to my host mum that I wanted to kill my friend in the park instead of saying that I wanted to bring her there. As I said BE CAREFUL.

I still have to decide if German is a language that i love or hate, but with certainty, it is not a boring one.
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