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Published by Alice C on 2021-07-01 in Pop
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Hey everybody! I'm Viola and welcome on Radioimmaginaria's website.

With Summer already starting and Covid, which btw slowed down thanks to the vaccines, we've been able FINALLY to go to concerts outdoors.

I couldn't wait! I missed all the emotions I felt in live concerts, online events isn't quiet the same. I managed to see the concerts of two of my favourite artists: the 22nd of June I saw Lo Stato Sociale and two days after I went at a festival called Oltrefestival to see Frah Quintale. Alone.

I had never been to a concert on my own. I've went many times with my friends and without parents, but I never had the experience of feeling so independent to go alone at a live concert. The first 'indipendence checks' when you're a teenager are going on the bus alone or going out during the night with your friends. For me however, one of the most important ones is this one.
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First things first: I'm a real extrovert. I'm almost starting to talk to walls! I always try to chat with every person I find on my way. For me it's not a problem starting a conversation with a total stranger queuing with me and this is a great advantage going to concerts on its own.

A first pro is that if you are looking for company you'll have to talk with somebody you don't know (of course this might be considered as a huge cons for the shiest between my readers) and you'll meet the most diverse people. All having something in common though: they share your passion. And this provides you new friends, which are never enough! Maybe you'll meet people from another town and that drove miles to see their favourite artist. You can talk about yourselves, friends are never enough. Plus, if for the next concert of your artist you don't know with who to go, you'll have at least a sure company. For example, I was about to get in when I started talking to a small group more or less the same age as me, coming from Piacenza. Even if we hadn't close seats we started talking about Frah Quintale, our taste in music and past concerts. The only thing I had to do was to ask "Sorry, do you know how long does the concert last?". Trust me, at first you might be a bit scared but afterwards it's all downhill.
Another pro for the ones who hate group projects (like me), is that in this way you can organise everything by yourself. You won't have friends who arrive late, problems about when and where to eat before the concert etc. in this case, you'll have YOUR rules. I have to say that even if I love going to concerts with friends, takin your time and going to a festival is very healthy.

A cons is surely that not everybody can do it. Not only you'll have to talk and convince your parents but you'll have to ask yourself if you're ready and in the right mindset to do something like it. You'll be completely alone and you'll have to figure out a way of coping with everything. It's a good challenge. It's as if it was a test on your independence and trust me, one way or another you'll have fun. Maybe at first you'll be scared because you're not used to it. Just take a big breath and go. Remember: at a concert you are never truly all alone.