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Published by Alice C on 2021-06-24 in Detective
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Hello hello, what's up? Are you too lazy to watch the news every day? Well, this is the article for you. Here you can find news from all around the world to let you know a little more about things. This way you can brag about your knowledge to all your friends and teachers knowing you made little to no effort.

Let's begin, shall we?

Hong Kong, The Guardian – We all know the general situation there: China has control over Hong Kong, the country wants independence and a democracy and therefore chaos has been going on for some time now between the Chinese authorities and pro-democracy activists. The latest news is that the newspaper called Apple Daily, symbol of the fight for democracy, has published its last edition on Thursday. Following the arrests of the executives of the newspaper, Apple Daily has closed forever.
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UK, BBC – Do you remember Brexit? The fact that the UK at one point decided to leave the European Union? Well, even if we heard our parents commenting this fact over and over with strangers while ordering a coffee at the local bar, it isn't over. In fact, the UK's government has given a 28 day-warning to the EU citizens in the UK to fill an application if they want to stay. Crazy isn't it? Sometimes I even forget to chack my emails for 28 days, imagine how few time these people have.

USA, China, CNN – Yes, the tension between these two countries is alarmingly high and lately it's becoming more and more dangerous. The latest news report that the Chinese ambassador decided to step down and leave its role after eight years of service. He claimed that the US are at a crossroad with China, either collaboration or confrontation. Scary isn't it. The special thing about this is that right now, neither the US nor China have ambassadors in each other's capitals.
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Italy, Il corriere della Sera – A controversy is currently going on in Italy. DDL ZAN is a to-be-approved law which classifies LGBTQ-phobic acts and insults as hate crimes and specifies the legal consequences of such crimes. It has been very much discussed in the last months, some people want it, others don't but what is new is that for the first time the Vatican has spoken over a political issue. They asked to block the approval of the law because according to them it would break the pacts taken between them and the State over 100 years ago.

That's it, stay informed and see you soon.

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