Tips for studying in the summer

Published by Sofia from Bologna on 2021-06-24 in Pop
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Hey guys we're back and summer is here, and also summer homework.
I know you probably don't want to start and me neither, but specially for you guys I have some tips to study during the summer.

Tip 1
Stay away from hot places. The hot places don't help you concentrate and it doesn't help your brain with the study

Tip 2
Take breaks because studying non stop for three hours won't get you anywhere. So if you like studying in the morning do 50 minutes of studying and 10 minutes of break, and if you like studying in the afternoon you can do 40 minutes of studying and 10 minutes of break.
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Tip 3
Take a few days breaks. If you have an exam, a week before your exam take two or three days break so that you and your brain can completely relax.

Tip 4
Rehearsal before the exam. Like the night before, study again and you can also wake up earlier in the morning, even if you don't want to rehearse.

Well I hope this was helpful and good with the study and hope you don't have exams is September.
Good holliday bye~~

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