Subway people pt.3

Published by Alice C on 2021-06-17 in Pop
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Hello everybody! Subway people is back, better than ever. For the new ones, Subway people is a kind of article where I describe the wide range of individuals I meet on public transportation. This one's Paris edition because yes, I'm having a vacation there. Chill off ok? I finished my exams, I did my part, now is time to relax.

So the first people I noticed were in a really magical spot at 22:34. In fact, the metro was just passing by the Tour Eiffel. There was a couple who looked awfully a lot alike. They has both blonde hair, blue eyes and kind of the same style. The only difference was the length of the hair. They were super chill, drinking a beer and watching out of the widow. I wated to be mad at them cause they weren't wearing a mask but I couldn't, they looked too fine.
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9:17, Gare d'Austerlitz. This encounter wasn't pleasing. I was talking with a friend and you have to know that metros in Paris are suuuper loud and I had to scream in order to make myself be understood. Well, a woman comes in, nothing special really, tied hair, questionable look in her late 30s. I wouldn't have even noticed her if she hadn't decided volountarily to seat next to us and then complain about the noise we were making. Furthermore, she got out the next stop...

21:46, Sorbonne. This guy I saw just outside the subway was simply amazing! I was dreaming watching outside the window when suddenly I see something moving really fast. I look better and I see this dude dancing to his own tunes in his headphones in a super spastic yet amusing way. I wish I had the courage to hop off that tube and join. He looked like he was having the time of his life and he didn't care at all about what the others might have thought.
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15:53 Quartier Latin. I haven't seen this girl exactly on the subway but it's worth describing. I was strolling by one of the thousands of cafes Paris has and, if you've never been here, you have to know that the chairs are all urned towards the streets. This means that when you are seated there is no option for you but to watch people passing by. Well, there was this typical Parisian girl who was clearly watching and judging every single individual. She was perfect in every way, had long hair, jewellery and perfect cured nails. But the look on her face was almost disgusted. She looked at everybody as if she was the queen and she was blessing us with her presence.

That's it for now, let me know if you wanna know more.

Illustrations by Gabriela