Picky eaters

Published by Alice C on 2021-06-10 in Pop
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What do you do if you're at your friend's parents' house and they cook something that you don't like? Some of you might reply that they would eat it anyway and those few are lucky. For us picky people the struggle is real. The thing is that there are certain and very specific things that we simply can't eat, wether it is the texture or the flavor. Even if I'm not 5 anymore, I have a looot of problems eating vegetables. I'd rather run for ten kilometers than eat a salad, I simply can't. I don't eat weirdly soft food like porridge or cereals soaked in milk, fish that tastes too much like fish and anything spicy.
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I know it seems like I don't eat a thing but there are some tricks that I use to eat as healthy as possible with the most complete variety of food.

First of, blend things. If your problem is texture buy a blender and put everything you don't like inside. It won't be the best thing you've ever eaten but at least you'll be able to swallow food that's good for your body. I do that with vegetables, and eat a bit of that mix everyday. You can do it also if you don't like fruits or nuts.
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Secondly, don't rely on your grandma who every day after school cooks for you. I know it's super nice having your comfort food waiting for you but that won't have you try new things. Instead try and cook on your own. I thought it was such a boring thing to do but actually it helps you to find alternatives to the food you'd always eaten.

Finally and most importantly, surround yourself with people who talk about food. Not just your friends but influencers, youtubers and instagrammers. It could sound lame but you could find the food you hate the most cooked in a way which inspires you to try! Sometimes we are picky because we don't really know all the variety of things we could actually cook and try.

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