Lydia's story pt1
Published by Sofia on 2021-06-10 in Detective
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Hello hello everybody! Here you have the first part of a three-part story I'm writing! I hope you enjoy it and if you do, be sure to come back next Friday to discover what's going to happen next!

Lydia Bure was running away. From what, she didn't really know, she just knew that she wanted to go away. Away from that town, away from those horrible people who stared at her wherever she went, following her with piercing looks that hurt worse than any punch or kick she had ever received.

She was running, the freezing cold of the early morning air brushing against her skin like a razor blade. The air she was breathing felt like sharp ice. Her legs were tired and bruised, her arms sore, but she was breaking free. She was happy. She was finally running away from her awful town and every step she took brought her a step closer to freedom. To her new life.

She was happy, even though she probably was in danger. By that time her father must have woken up, found out she wasn't there and called those scary-looking friends of his, sending them to look for her. She had to run as fast as she could, towards the train station. She just had to take one random train and stay there for as long as she could, to go as far away as possible from the town.
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She only had her little purse, which kept hitting her right hip. She had taken two slices of bread, a pen, a piece of paper and some money she had stolen from her mother. Her heart still felt heavy for that robbery. Her poor mother didn't deserve it, but she needed the money. She HAD to take the train, she HAD to run away. And if feeling guilty for stealing from her was the price to pay for freedom, well... she was okay with it.

Lydia kept on running, panting, her legs getting more sore, the cold wind making her shiver, the tears streaming down her cheeks. Her dark bangs were sticking to her forehead, mixing up with the sweat on her face. She was so tired, but she was almost there.

Lydia was now able to see the outline of the train station. She was about to break free, she was ready to take the train and leave the little town forever. She just had to run a few more seconds. She was about to reach the station's entrance, she was about to make it... when a police officer saw her, made a few steps and stood in her way.
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The little girl stopped suddenly, lifting a big cloud of dust from the street. She could have run around the officer, but she knew she wouldn't make it. Her eyes scanned the train station entrance, just a few meters behind the police officer's back. There was just one police bicycle parked near the fence, so he was alone, for now. The entrance's walls were pretty high, but, with the right push, she could have climbed on them, if she needed to. She hoped she wouldn't; she wasn't exactly a fan of climbing.

Lydia took a moment to fix her long dark hair, then she looked up, ready to face the police officer. But she wasn't ready. She wasn't ready at all.

Lydia gasped as her green eyes encountered the officer's, which were green as well.

He was tall and his shoulders were broad. He had dark hair and a cruel grin on his face. His arms were crossed.

He was Larry Bure; Lydia's brother.

To be continued...

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