Nikki's Diaries

Part. 1
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Nikki's Diaries is a series of children's novels written and illustrated by American author Rachel Renée Russell.
The series is thirteen volumes and has sold over 21 million copies worldwide to date.

Rachel Renée Russell claims to have created her protagonist's stories inspired by her own school experiences and those of her two daughters Erin and Nikki. Erin, the eldest, helps her with the story, and Nikki collaborates with the illustrations.

Nikki's diaries - The landslide

Nikki Maxwell is fourteen years old and begins attending Westchester Country Day private middle school. But she doesn't come from a wealthy family like all her classmates; on the contrary, her father works as an exterminator and got her a scholarship for solving the problem of cockroaches that infested the school. Nikki doesn't feel comfortable with her new companions, and prefers to spend time writing her diary. In her pages she especially vents against the most popular girl in school, MacKenzie Hollister, who sadly has the locker right next to hers and whose favorite hobby is to make Nikki's life impossible.
Luckily Nikki also manages to make new friends, Chloe and Zoe, and falls in love with a boy named Brandon. But things turn sour again when Nikki decides to enter the school's art contest, and discovers that her main rival will be MacKenzie, ready to do anything to win.
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Nikki's Diaries - Holidays are coming

Nikki Maxwell hopes that Brandon, her crush, invites her to the Halloween prom. But when MacKenzie, her archenemy, spreads the news that she'll be going to prom with Brandon, her heart breaks. Since she has nothing better to do on prom night, she lets her two best friends, Chloe and Zoe, persuade her to join the cleaning team, but also agrees to help out for the group's Halloween party ballet of her little sister Brianna.
Nikki is very surprised when Brandon asks her to go to prom with him and realizes that MacKenzie lied. Eventually he agrees, and so he finds herself having to manage three parties on the same night.
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Nikki's diaries - I want to be a pop star!

Nikki Maxwell has serious problems keeping her reputation intact. Her father is the school exterminator and, if anyone found out, she would become the object of countless teasing by his wealthier classmates. As if this weren't enough, one evening Nikki is forced to accompany her little sister Brianna to Pizza Pazza and finds herself having to perform with her on stage just as her enemy MacKenzie arrives, who records a video and spreads it on the Internet. . Also, with a wicked plan, MacKenzie makes Nikki lose her scholarship to WCD, their school, putting her in serious trouble, as her parents can't afford the tuition.
Meanwhile, WCD, Nikki's school, organizes a talent show by giving away a scholarship to the winner. Nikki realizes this is her chance not to lose her place at school, and decides to form a band to enter the contest. Violet, Theo, Marcus, and even Brandon - who she is madly in love with - want to be a part of it, and Nikki is thrilled.
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Nikki's Journals - Ice Adventures!

Nikki Maxwell discovers that her crush, Brandon, is volunteering at the Amici Pelosi animal shelter, but it risks having to close. Nikki, with her two best friends Chloe and Zoe, decides to take part in an ice skating competition to win enough money to save the animal shelter. Obviously Mackenzie wants to put a spoke in her wheel to be the one to save the center so dear to Brandon. This time Nikki will have to come up with something really winning to get the better of it.

Nikki's Journals - Tell your daily disasters

Nikki Maxwell has been writing in her diary since the day she started school, and she always carried it with her. But suddenly she can't find it anymore! As she searches for it throughout the school, she gives her readers valuable tips on how to keep their diary, which are also very useful in emergencies like this. Chloe and Zoe, Nikki's best friends, her little sister Brianna, Brandon and the terrifying Mackenzie are all part of the story.
I will continue with the books in the next article! See you :)

Illustrations by Andrea
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