What to do when you don't know the lyrics at a concert

Published by Alice C on 2021-05-20 in Pop
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Hey! Are you familiar with the situation where you're at a concert cause you had to go with a friend who didn't have anyone else to go and see that weird band that she likes? Or the situation where you thought that by the time you had to go to the concert you would have memorised all the lyrics but instead you know nothing at all?

It feels awkward right? Standing there with all the others who are able to sing along while you struggle to even remember the refrain of the band's most famous song. I get you. That's why I'll try to give you some tips on what to do when you absolutely don't know the lyrics.
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First thing you can do is compensating your lack of words with body movement. If you jump, scream when the others scream and put you hands up in the air once in a while, nobody will notice that you have no idea what that dude on the stage is singing about. If you don't feel like jumping or being energetic I have an alternative for you. Rise your arms and point fingers at the sky. At the same time close your eyes and move your head with the music. It will look like you're feeling it so much that you are just too overwhelmed to sing. Trust me, it works. Plus you'll be noticed as that mysterious person with which everybody falls in love. Great technique to find a girlfriend or boyfriend too.

When it's a small concert without crowds and loud loud music of course you can't scream and jump, they'll think you're crazy. I hate those situations cause your being ignorant is even more noticeable. What I do in those cases is to buy something to drink and whenever I feel like somebody is judging me because I'm not singing I can pretend to take a sip of water, being incapable to open the mouth.
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If you are with a group of friends perfect! Go in the middle of the group and just imitate whatever it is they're doing. If they scream, scream, if they're crying, cry and so on. Shh people won't see. And lastly, something I found effective in these cases is to smile. Smile like you have a paralysis on your face, smile to strangers and to your concert neighbours, it usually is enough to make them think you fit in there.

Well, that was it, if you have some more tips don't hesitate to write!

Illustrations by Asia Renna