Anime: best and worst remakes

Published by Sofia from Bologna on 2021-06-17 in Nerd
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We are back guys and I'm here to tell you the biggest success and the biggest flop for the transition from anime to film with actual people.

The biggest flop is Death Note the film was a disaster, the characters were made terribly and the only character I liked is Ryuk.

Light in the anime has light brown hair and in the film he has dark brown hair with blonde tips. Misa is super annoying like the character but physically she doesn't look alike a lot. L is my absolute favorite character and he was also terrible mate, I was so sad about it and other characters were completely forgotten like Mello and near just came in one or two scenes. The story line is also very different and the ending is with light in the hospital and Ryuk is looking at him with an apple in his hand and says you humans are so interesting.
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Then there is the best remake that is of Tokyo Ghoul.

The characters are well made, the places are almost exactly the same and the storyline is the same as the anime. They didn't take the whole anime but a few episodes but those episodes were made very well and there is also a second film of both Death Note and Tokyo Ghoul and I'm really excited to see the second film of Tokyo Ghoul but less about the one of Death Note.

Let me know if you saw them and if you saw also the second film.
I'll see you next week. Bye~

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