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Published by Alice C on 2021-05-13 in Pop
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Is it just me or do you also feel like listening to the same music again and again? Are your friends tired of hearing you singing those same four songs? Believe me, I know the struggle. The worst thing is that I literally listen to music 24/7 and it's becoming frustrating hearing always the same tunes. Thank God music apps exist and lately I have had enough motivation to actually look for new music. If you are struggling like me, here's five amazing artists (or bands) I've found and with which I'm totally obsessed with.

1. AURORA. I KNOW she's already famous and I didn't discover her because she was already on every display ok? Shut up I know what I'm talking about. I'm just saying that even if she is well known I completely ignored her existence. Even worse actually. I just knew one song by Aurora and I discovered it through a tik tok video. Is there something more shameful than that? I don't think so. When I say she has magical vibe you have to believe me. As soon as you start to listen to her songs you're automatically thrown in a Norwegian wood with lots of snow and a complete silence.
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2. The Tallest Man on Earth. Imagine yourself sitting in a train with your friends ready to go on an adventure somewhere. Now look out the window, do you see the storm coming? This is the exact situation in which playing this Swedish artist will help you feel like you're on top of the world. I have to admit that folkish singers with just a guitar are kind of a cliché but trust me on this one, you won't regret it.

3. Stick against your neck. Let's change completely the vibe now, shall we? I swear, this band gives you the energy to go, run and jump everywhere with their punk-rock music. When I listen to their songs my head just goes AAAAA for a second. Particularly now, with the pandemic and everything, I think it's nice to listen to this kind of music because it makes you do stuff. It will give you energy thinking about your next (and hopefully soon) concert. Plus, one new single just came out! Could it be any better?
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4. Frank Turner. This English dude knows how to do music. To be honest I wouldn't know how to describe his work because it changes in every albums. The first ones are those I like the most because of the folk influence. His most recent works are leaning toward rock a little bit more. Don't get me wrong he still rocks and as soon as I can I'll buy tickets for a concert.

So here it is, might not be a lot but I hope I'll be useful to exit the monotony of your Spotify playlist.

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