Sherlock, Lupin and Me

Published by Sofia from Bologna on 2021-05-06 in Pop
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Sherlock, Lupin and Me is a series of novels narrating the adventures of young Sherlock Holmes, Arsène Lupine and Irene Adler written by the writer, translator and screenwriter Italian Alessandro Gatti with its pseudonym of Irene Adler.
These are short novels of the yellow genre, specifically designed for children, published by Piemme.

The series tells the adventures of the crafty kids who manage to discover the mysteries behind the great crimes of the time and explains the origin of many misunderstood characteristics of the characters, for example it tells the reason for the distrust, by the famous fictional investigator Sherlock Holmes, against the famous London police Scotland Yard.

The three protagonists are the teenagers Sherlock Holmes, Arsène Lupine and Irene Adler. There are also many recurring secondary characters, such as Horace Nelson, the mysterious and incredibly cunning butler of the Adlers, Leopoldo Adler, Irene's kind father, Geneviève Adler, Irene's mother, Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's brother, Théophraste Lupine, the circus father by Arsène. From the fourteenth book onwards the protagonist is Irene Mila Adler, Irene's adopted daughter.
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The first book is called The Trio of the Black Madam and it starts with Irene Adler is on vacation in Saint-Malo, France, with her mother and faithful butler, Mr. Nelson. It is a summer afternoon when he meets a sad-looking boy near his home who is reading a book. Attracted by the curious character, she approaches him and begins a brief exchange that introduces her to what will become the most famous detective of all time. His name is William Sherlock Holmes and what begins with Irene in the summer of 1870, in a magnificent seaside resort, is a great and profound story of friendship.

Irene will also be associated with another singular child, this time of French origin, who, in terms of future popularity, has little to envy to Sherlock. His name is Arséne Lupine, he is also a friend of Sherlock and in those years he has not yet begun his dazzling career as an international thief. In the company of these two singular characters, Irene spends an unforgettable summer: in Saint-Malo the three find themselves investigating a strange case.

They are playing in the sand and the spray of the waves, when one of them sees a man slumped on the beach: he is a castaway and is dead. After the initial fright, the children begin to inspect the body, finding a note in the pockets of the torn jacket. "The sea will erase my sins" is the confession that emerges from the faded and crumpled paper that instigates the three, improvised investigators, to become passionate about the mystery.
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The pseudonym Irene Adler - name that belonged to one of the characters in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "A Scandal in Bohemia", published in 1891 - hides the hand of Pierdomenico Baccalario (acclaimed author of children's novels) in collaboration with Alessandro Gatti.

Style and construction of the plot undoubtedly refer to other novels of the same Baccalario with the unmistakable attention to every single moment of the narration, in which nothing seems to be left to chance. In addition there is the gimmick of three classic characters who know how to give the story a new flavor thanks to their, completely new, youthful look. It is the adolescent sparkle of Sherlock, Arséne and Irene that makes the book vibrate and conquers the reader (aged 10 and up), even new to crime fiction.

I really liked the books because they put the most famous detective and the most famous thief as childhood best friends.
I really recommend this book, with this said I will see you guys next week.

Illustrations by Asia Renna
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