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Published by Alice C on 2021-04-15 in Pop
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Hey! Do you remember when we used to hang out without a pandemic going on? If I think about going to the cinema or having a stroll in the park with more than three people it feels like a life ago. For your information it's been a year and more than a month since we've been finding ourselves in this awful and stressing situation. So for the old time's sake, I decided to make a list of normal things that will feel weird doing again at the end of Covid.

1. Going outside of the house and not checking for the mask. Wearing masks is really important, and in most of the countries is even mandatory. When I go outside my house I always check three things: keys, mask and wallet. Do you remember the time we used to go around without something on our face? I rarely recall it.
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2. Sit next to someone on the train. Yes, sounds like a nightmare now, doesn't it? Especially because (there must be a physical law or something) 80% of those train neighbours wear the mask under their nose. Imagine sitting next to a stranger and not feeling anxious.

3. Being indoors. Remember when we didn't have to wait outside of a shop? Even if it was crammed with people we could go in, gain some space and shop. And what about not having our temperature taken? I think when the pandemic will get better I'll be triggered if I don't see someone waiting for you at the entrance to see if you have fever.
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4. Travelling. I'm not even talking about the big travels with planes and tickets. I'm talking going to your grandma (who lives 1h away from you) at lunch. I'm talking going to the city next to yours because it has a better football field.

If you think about it, we could easily summarise this article with the sentence: do you remember where we didn't have to worry all the freaking time? The pandemic has been hard, and young people are one of those categories who were affected the most. But let's not get sad. Let's think instead about all of the things that we'll be able to do in a little while.

That's all for now, see you next week

Picture by Nina ferrari