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Published by Sofia on 2021-05-20 in Nerd
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Hello nerdy friends!

My name's Sofia and I'm here to help you organize your comic books!

They're probably a mess and look horribly down there, on the floor. No, don't try to hide them!

They need to be showcased!

Let's start!

So, organizing comic books is similar to how you do it with normal books (here you have an article where I explained how to organize books).

But, since comics are thinner, there are some things you might have to do differently.
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First of all, you should find a place (or two) to put your comics in. It can be on some shelves, like I did in the picture above, but if you do it, make sure to have bookends!

Otherwise your comics will keep sliding down and it will be a mess.

Be sure to keep the series together and similar types of comics together, for example I put my mangas and hardcover/more book-like comics all near each other. The same goes for normal sized hardcover comics, like the special ones you can see in the picture.

I like to put them in order of character, for example the special ones about Captain Marvel are next to the monthly Captain Marvel series I follow.

(There are also some miscellaneous ones, but I needed to put them somewhere).
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Another thing you can do is put your most beautiful comics in a more accessible part of your room, like I did here.

Also, what I did is putting the comics series I finished/didn't want to finish and bought just a couple of comics in these diy organizers. I made them myself, starting from an empty cereal box!

What's that? You want to have them too? Well, you're in luck, cause I wrote an article where I explained how to make them! Here you have it.

So this is all folks!

I hope this article was useful!

Now go, my nerdy friends, go organize your comics!

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