I want an Italian love story!

Published by Sofia from Bruxelles on 2021-04-01 in Pop
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Hey everybody! As you can see, the girls from Bruxelles and I will start to write articles again, so get used to hearing us ramble about our opinions not only vocally, but also on this part of the website!

To find some inspo for my first article I decided to dig into some drawers in my room, to see if I had written anything down that could've been interesting to talk about, and in fact, I did! I found an old notebook a classmate gave me some time ago (with Harry Styles' face on it, cause that's the type of person I am) and I found a page I had written on a road trip to Italy (so we're talking a pretty long time ago).

On that page I just went on and on about how much superior Italian love songs are in comparison to all the other languages (I know), so that's exactly what we're gonna talk about today!
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For starters, this is obviously just my opinion, and it's probably not gonna be a popular one, since not everyone who is reading this is Italian, but I just thought this would be a fun little rant to share :)

I personally think Italian is already a pretty sweet language of itself, it's very musical and colourful, if that makes any sense (I feel like it doesn't but oh well, bare with me). And the words, used in the right way, are extremely beautiful too.
The singers I personally listen to (which tend to be not-so-recent, like Vasco Rossi or Jovanotti) put love under such a charming light, it makes me want to fall in love (and believe me, it's a lot coming from me). They make it sound like the most powerful and amazing feeling in the world, and all you want is to feel it too, cause you feel like you're really missing out on something. I don't know if these songs make me feel like this because it truly is a fascinating language (and to be fair, the singers' emotions help a great deal), or just because it's the language I associate to home, but anyways, I always end up crying listening to Italian love songs.
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If you wanna give it a try, I personally recommend "Le Tasche Piene di Sassi" (which always gets me) or "A Te" both by Jovanotti, they're really famous but for all the good reasons, you can really feel his emotions while he's singing (maybe try to look up the english translation of the lyrics for a better experience, even tho it obviously won't be quite the same). I also really like "Come Nelle Favole" by Vasco Rossi and "Niente di Speciale" by Lo Stato Sociale, which is a little more recent.

Anyways, I'm done ranting i promise! Thank you for reading this until the end, and if you do end up listening to these songs, let me know what you think by sending me an email at [email protected] :) Until next time!!

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